Services We Provide

Daily Special Rate

Hire our most requested vehicles is the Mercedes V Class & S Class for the whole day ( 8 Hours ) which includes 80 miles and fuel and soft refreshments. The V & S Class Also has built in WiFi and children seats which are available on request

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Unit Drivers

Unit Drivers are to only just An Executive Service for London & The UK but we also supply a great range of other cars to take you to and from your favourite location with our superb experienced Chauffeurs

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Production & Film have been involved with the Film and TV industry for many years and there is always requests for transporting Film Crews with equipment to locations anywhere in the UK  

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Production Crew Van Specialising in providing experienced personnel to the entertainment industry. We have over 25 years’ experience in providing services for venues, film, television, theatre, live events, and major public events

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Airport Transfer

Meet & Greet From Over 40 Airports in The UK with Our Mercedes V Class that can accommodate 7 People and electronically the arrival and departure times of your flight

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Film Premieres Chauffeur

When it comes to choosing your film and TV premiere chauffeurs,  is the only choice. We are the chauffeur company for famous producers, directors and actors for over 30 years.

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Diplomatic Chauffeur 

With nearly two decades of chauffeuring experience in London, we are first and best choice for providing professional chauffeurs to take care of diplomats and VIP’s

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A To B Journeys

A to B journeys are based completely on mileage. You may also add as many pickups and request a round trip. We take time to understand your internal booking and tailor your journey in the most efficient way possible.

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VIP Security Chauffeur 

Unit Drivers is one of the only company's worldwide that offers Specialist Chauffeurs, who have been vetted and trained as Bodyguards with SIA  Qualifications to guarantee your safety

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Luxury Travelling

We pride ourselves on the way we are perceived as a company, so we always make sure your journey finishes as it starts, in complete comfort and with total peace of mind. Leave your worrie to us , just sit back and relax and enjoy a superb journey to your destination

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Corporate Travel

Unit Drivers are proud to offer professional chauffeur and corporate travel experiences over the UK. Our attention to detail and immaculate Mercedes fleet can and we can promise you that no other class of car is more luxurious and safer than the Mercedes

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Inter-City Travel

If you are travelling to meetings or to and from offices why not reduce stress levels arrive in style with our stress free Executive Travel. You can use the time spent in the vehicle efficiently and work during the journey.

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Sporting Events

When it comes to organising special events, offer a tailor made service aimed at matching your every need. Working with key partners we provide a rich programme of events for you to choose from. 

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Security Protection can provide you with the best security service that can accomplish any type of protection from Bodyguard to delivering secure packages around the UK and even abroad

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Man & Van you can count on your packages being delivered on time every time. Our services allow you to have your packages delivered to anywhere in the UK. Get everything handled by a professional

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